Setting Industry Standards in Precision Environmental Monitoring Equipment Since 1974

Leading the way in technological development - from the original tipping bucket rain gauge and 1st digital weather station to the new frontier of wind and solar monitoring instruments - our selection of more than 50 rain and temperature gauges, monitors, sensors, and related software products offer ideal monitoring solutions for weather enthusiasts, municipalities, federal government, and industrial manufacturers.

RainWise Australia

RainWise Australia began life August 2013. RainWise Australia is owned and operated by Boztek Solutions. Boztek Solutions had been in the IT Industry for over 25 year and also has more than 20 years of experience within the environmental monitoring market.
RainWise AU provides sales, service and support for all standard RainWise products. RainWise AU also provides consulting, design & manufacture of client specific environmental monitoring solutions specializing in;

Remote Telemetry communications via Next G / 3G mobile networks, Satellite & wireless point to point / mesh networks has stand alone and mix communications solutions.

EPA compliant environmental monitoring solutions with advances feature including Sigma Theta, Vector Angle, and Vector Speed wind. Delta T Temperature, Fire Danger Index, Heat Stress Index, BGT Cattle Heat Index, Line Rating Monitoring for 64k to 550k power line networks and other industry specific environmental monitoring requirements.