6345AU Davis Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station

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6345AU Davis Wireless Leaf and Soil Moisture/Temperature Station

Solar-powered station includes transmitter & battery inside weather-resistant shelter

Sensors are sold separately, letting you build the station that matches your needs.

To view the data, add a wireless Vantage Pro2 console/receiver (6312) or Weather Envoy (6316), and a wireless Vantage Connect (6620) or WeatherLink. Each Vantage Pro2 or Weather Envoy can receive data from either:

  • A single fully-populated station with 2 Leaf Wetness Sensors (6420), 4 Soil Moisture Sensors (6440), and 4 Temperature Probes (6470), or
  • Two partially-populated stations, one with 2 leaf wetness sensors and 2 temperature probes & the other with 4 soil moisture sensors & 4 temperatures probes.

Each wireless Vantage Connect can receive data from a single Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station.

See also the Complete Soil Moisture/Temperature Station (6345CS) which includes 4 soil moisture sensors and 4 temperature probes.